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"The real discovery of this show with a voice both charming and expressive", 3 January 2020


Watch the documentary De stem van de meester here:

"The versatile countertenor gives his character, a mix of child, Rumpelstiltskin, in the highest ranges an impressive depth" 

Berner Zeitung, 16 March 2019


Live performance of 4 May 2014 for Dutch Radio 4:


Skip to 04:45 and enjoy Oscar and lutenist Michiel Niessen!

"As Arthur, he lets the times of the great leading roles for his voice type relive"

Olyrix, 4 October 2018 


"Breathtaking CD"

"Intense, loving and very musical performance"

"Perfect with a glass of wine"


4/5 stars

Nederlands Dagblad, 16 May 2014


Click here to read the full review

"Golden voice"

"Display of stylistic insight and musicality"


4/5 stars

De Volkskrant, 14 May 2014


Click here to read the full review

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