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"Verhaar passes the test with flying colours. He has a beautiful, agile and expressive voice, sings naturally, has the gift of nuance and brings his theatrical experience to bear."

SCHERZO, May 2024

Live performance of Erbarme dich (shortened)

with Dutch Baroque

for Sophie & Jeroen on Dutch national television


"nothing but praise for his slender, melodious, luminous and virtuosic voice, which is also lyrically well directed and outstanding in terms of drama and affetto", 11 April 2024

Watch the documentary De stem van de meester here:


"The real discovery of this show with a voice both charming and expressive", 3 January 2020

"The versatile countertenor gives his character, a mix of child, Rumpelstiltskin, in the highest ranges an impressive depth" 

Berner Zeitung, 16 March 2019

Live performance of 4 May 2014 for Dutch Radio 4:


Skip to 04:45 and enjoy Oscar and lutenist Michiel Niessen!

"As Arthur, he lets the times of the great leading roles for his voice type relive"

Olyrix, 4 October 2018 


"Breathtaking CD"

"Intense, loving and very musical performance"

"Perfect with a glass of wine"


4/5 stars

Nederlands Dagblad, 16 May 2014


Click here to read the full review

"Golden voice"

"Display of stylistic insight and musicality"


4/5 stars

De Volkskrant, 14 May 2014


Click here to read the full review

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